Discover Bookbinding
While machines have brought books into the modern age, the centuries-old hand-binding techniques have withstood time. As with all arts and crafts project, it’s the human touch that adds that something special. At The Siam Bindery, we’re continuing on the hand-bound bookmaking path using the time-honoured binding techniques.
It takes several hours to design and craft each book. The whole process is done entirely by hand using various craft and bookbinding hand tools. The pages of each book get hand-sewn to the book covers or leather, which means that these notebooks are unlike the mass-produced notebooks found in any book or stationary shop.
For artists, stay-at-home parents, students and others considering starting a craft business, bookbinding is a great choice. Learn how to design and make your very own journals, sketch books, photo albums, travel notebooks, portfolios and recipe books with our wide range of bookbinding tutorials. Furthermore, crafters, DIYers and teachers will find bookbinding to be creative, challenging and highly rewarding.
Our tools and stationary are well-suited for beginner bookbinders, scrapbooking afficionados, and other craftspeople.