Join a Bookbinding or Papermaking Workshop Today!
Join a Bookbinding or Papermaking Workshop Today!
Join us for a full-day or half-day workshop and discover the world of hand-bookbinding and papermaking. All our workshops are beginner-friendly, so no prior experience in bookbinding or papermaking is necessary.
We only run 2 workshops every month, unless otherwise announced. So, book early to avoid missing out!
Long Stitch Binding
Make your very own Long Stitch Bound journal with genuine leather, and adorn it with rivets and locks to give it a rustic aesthetic. Based on the 13th Century German Long Stitch Binding technique, students will learn how to prepare the various book parts and then hand-sew the signatures to the leather with a single thread line. This sewing method creates visible long and chain stitch patterns on the spine, and can easily be modified to create crosses and other patterns to add to the book’s decorative appeal.
This workshop is a great introduction to leather bookbinding and will prove particularly beneficial to craft entrepreneurs. This style of binding is great for the production of rustic wedding albums and guest books, journals and planners, and more.
Cost: 1,990 THB
Time: 10:00 - 13:30
Leather Binding
In this workshop, the charm lies in the detail. Learn how to make a simple text block, and secure it to leather using a combination of adhesive and thread. This workshop is great for entrepreneurial crafters looking for a more commercial type book style to make.
Cost: 1,990 THB
Time: 14:00 - 17:30
Photo Album Binding
If you always wanted to design and make your own photo album or guest book, now is your chance!
Layout, prepare and make your very own fabric covers with fabrics like cotton, linen and silk. Learn how to measure, cut and fold paper to create a photo album text block that’ll allow photos to be easily inserted, without adding too much bulk to the album. You will then learn to bind the album parts together, creating a visually pleasing pattern on the album’s spine - besides looking beautiful, the stitched pattern ensures that the covers and the text block are securely bound together resulting in an album that will last for decades to come.
Have an upcoming wedding or event and want to make an album, guest book or portfolio for that occasion? We welcome students who want to bring their own fabric to customise their project even more.
Cost: 2,990 THB
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Sewn Boards Binding
In this workshop, student learn how to create a sewn text block before securing it to the book board. This binding style results in a book that is flexible, yet strong. When opening the book, the spine board moves away from the text block to expose what’s behind the board. The book can lay completely flat on the table making writing and sketching easy.
This binding style is well-suited for the making of portfolios, sketchbooks, journals, guest books and photo albums.
Cost: 2,990 THB
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Exposed-Spine Binding
In this new exposed-spine binding workshop, students will learn how to combine materials and prepare various fabrics and paper for bookbinding. Students will then use a single needle to stitch all the book parts together using a contemporary stitching technique, creating an A5-sized journal with a beautifully exposed book spine. This workshop will give students a foundation to design and alter their own artist books in the future.
This workshop is great for those looking to learn how to make photo brag book, creative journals/day planners, sketch books, and more. Art and Design, Communication Design and Product Design Students may find this program particularly useful.
Cost: 2,990 THB
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
This workshop centres around the concept of turning trash into treasure. Using a deckle and mould, students will learn how to blend paper pulp and form various paper sheets of various thickness and design. In this workshop, we encourage students to let loose and experiment with various paper designs. You’ll have an old home garden in Phrapradaeng as your backdrop to experiment in, and a selection of leaves and flowers to emboss in your paper.
The paper sheets can be used for various arts and crafts projects like bookbinding, scrapbooking, stationary and card making, and much, much more.
You will go home with a papermaking toolkit that you can pull out at any time to continue making paper.
Cost: 1,990 THB
Time: 10:00 - 15:00
How do I sign up for a workshop?
Contact us with the name of the workshop you want to study, as well as your preferred study date. After we confirm availability, we will ask you to confirm your attendance by paying for the workshop. Once we have received your proof of payment, you place has been secured.
What is included in the workshop?
Students get access to various tools and materials to use during the workshop, as well as some basic tools to take home.

We serve beverages during the workshop, as well as fruit. Lunch in not included.

Where are the workshops held?
Bookbinding workshops are held in Ratburana, Bangkok, and our papermaking workshops are held in Phrapradaeng, a short 8-minute drive from Icon Siam.
What is your cancellation/postponement policy?
If for any reason you are not able to attend your workshop, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. You will then be asked to rebook another upcoming workshop.

Failure to attend a booked workshop will result in you losing your workshop credit. We are unfortunately not able to refund persons who failed to attend their booked workshop.

If you cannot attend a workshop, you are welcome to transfer your workshop credit to a friend or family member.

What is the language of instruction?
Our workshops are presented in both English and Thai.
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