Papermaking Tutorial


Ever wondered what to do with all the old newspapers and magazines collecting dust in your home? What about the pamphlets and shopping receipts you accumulate on a daily basis? Now you can breathe new life into paper scraps by turn it into artisan paper.


  • Prevent paper scraps from landing in landfills by turning it into something beautiful, yet useful
  • Learn how paper gets made
  • Get started right away – download the tutorial, gather the supplies, and start making paper

In 2017, our passion for paper took us to Chiang Mai, Thailand to learn firsthand how mulberry paper gets made. Though papermaking has greatly become automated, mulberry papermakers still use tools and techniques very similar to those used hundreds of years ago to create paper entirely by hand. The process includes the gathering of plant fibers, the preparation of the paper pulp, and lastly, the forming of the paper sheets, one sheet at a time. The result? Chemical-free, pest-resistant paper that can last for centuries. We created this tutorial introducing recycled-papermaking to paper lovers, bookbinders, artists and DIYers.

Now you can turn all your paper scraps into recycled paper, and use the sheets you created for bookbinding, making invitations, doing origami, and so much more.


What You Get

You will receive 1 PDF file, 2.1 MB. This tutorial consists of 13 full-colored pages with beautiful photo-instructions.

Please note that this is an e-product. No physical product will be shipped.

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